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Indigenous Peoples of the Americas: History, Culture & Law

Crazy Horse Memorial , South Dakota

The Law Library is pleased to announce its newest digital resource: HeinOnline’s “Indigenous Peoples of the Americas: History, Culture & Law” library. The database provides access to over 3,700 titles relating to Federal Indian Law and indigenous American law, including:

  • 418 indigenous treaties;
  • About 30,000 pages of tribal codes;
  • 25 serial titles, including the American Indian Law Review, Indigenous Peoples’ Journal of Law, Culture and Resistance, and NARF Legal Review;
  • Over 770 works related to the constitutions and laws of indigenous American tribes; and
  • Digital access to hundreds of scholarly sources relating to the history, culture, and law of the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

As Rennard Strickland wrote, “Law truly dominates the life of America's Indian people, and dominates it in a way not imaginable to the non-Indian.” With the addition of this new database, the Law Library is proud to reaffirm and uplift our school’s commitment to the study of indigenous law and advocacy.

A permanent link to the database can be found in the Library’s Digital Resources A-Z page.

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