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July 30th: International Friendship Day

People near body of water at sunset

According to the UN, the International Day of Friendship was proclaimed in 2011 and lobbied by the World Friendship Crusade out of Paraguay. There are many South American countries that celebrate it on different days and have customs associated with it that usually involve gathering at restaurants and bars. In Paraguay, people play Amigo Invisible (the Invisible Friend) where friends secretly select each other from slips of paper and give their designated person a gift. It’s very similar to Secret Santa. 

In a time of uncertainties, upheaval, and struggles, friendship embodies the values that we hold to inspire peace. Friends are crucial to maintain our mental health and should be seen as just as important as a quality outline. They make complicated tasks manageable and the mundane ones hilarious. Friends, especially the ones you’ll make here, will be able to commiserate and celebrate with you better than anyone. Think of all the friends you have made so far during your time here at law school and maybe reach out to one of them today! 

And remember, we are always here for you at the library!

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