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News information is ubiquitous in 2019—whether you use Facebook, news apps, Twitter, news websites, radio, TV, friends, or a combination of all of the above. In fact, there are statistics on news watching preferences that indicate the way you get your current events information may be different depending on your age. While this is unsurprising, it is surprising that TV continues to be the most widely used news platform. Today we are talking about different tools for news gathering online.

One quick way to get your news, especially your local hometown news, is through the Newseum website. This site presents the front pages of more than 2,000 newspapers worldwide on its site including papers as big as The New York Times and as small as South Dakota’s Yankton Press.

Another way to get news, especially legal news, is by signing up for a current awareness service through Lexis, Westlaw, or Bloomberg Law. Information can be found on the library’s website on how to sign up to get news delivered to your inbox!

Still further, a great way to get your news delivered is through an app. There are several great news delivery apps, but one you should definitely check out is Flipboard. To read more about the design philosophy of the app, see this article!

Finally, there is Twitter! While Twitter is not the best tool for a deep dive into research about current events, it is a great resource for identifying news that is happening now. For some of the best law tweets, check out the ABA’s Web 100: Best Law Twitter. And while you are there, don’t forget to check out the law library’s latest news at @RWULawLibrary!

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