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Learn, Review, Practice: Getting Ready for Midterms with Study Aids

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As midterms quickly approach, you are starting to get ready to review what you have learned so far in your classes.

You have already taken the first step:  learning from assigned readings and in class.  There is no substitute for completing the assigned reading, attending class, and taking notes.

If you have started outlining, you are already reviewing, which is fantastic. Professor Thompson is a great resource for outlining help and we hope that you were able to attend her outlining skills lab.  As you are reviewing your notes and/or outlining, what if you need to fill in some gaps?  This is where study aids can be helpful.

Here are some useful study aids series from each of our collections to help you as you review in preparation for midterms:

Once you have filled in the gaps, it is time to practice.  You _could_ read your notes over and over again, but when you practice applying what you have learned and reviewed, you test your understanding with questions (and answers) so that you focus your review on those areas where you have weaknesses. 

Our study aids collections also include various series to help you apply and practice what you’ve learned: 

  • RWU Digital Library: Questions & Answers series 
  • West Academic Study Aids: Acing series, Exam Pro series
  • Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aids:  Examples & Explanations, Friedman’s Practice Series

To find out which titles are available for your law school classes and to jump to specific titles, visit our Study Aids page.


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