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Meet the Staff: Richard Segel

Richard Segel

What is your title?  
Collection Services Assistant

Can you explain to our readers what you do using non-librarian terms?
I open the mail - the beginning of the pipeline for new materials.  I check in the materials and make sure they go to the appropriate location or person -- to the stacks as new issues, to Kathleen [MacAndrew] for cataloging, etc.  I help at the circulation desk when the need arises.  I also complete collection related projects -- book moves, making space in the stacks, etc.

Another big task I do is "looseleaf filing".  Some publications come in looseleaf binders and the pages need to be replaced and interfiled regularly (so that they are updated).  [Eds. note -- this task is super important and takes a lot of attention to detail so that the right pages are removed, and the new pages are added where they belong.]

What is your favorite reading genre?
History, because if we don't learn from history we don't learn.  All history -- throw a dart and that's what I will read.

What part of your job is most satisfying? 
Helping students that appear to be “lost” in the stacks.   I try to help them to the best of my capacity and then lead them to the reference librarians for additional assistance if I cannot help.

What’s the most profound positive change you’ve seen in the library since you joined it? 
Going from a primarily physical collection--books and microforms--to more digital materials and moving toward technology as it becomes available.

We hear that you are a sports fan.  What’s your favorite sport and team?
I don't have one favorite. I like the New York Yankees for baseball and the Montreal Canadiens for hockey.  [Eds. note:  Richard was born and raised in Upstate New York, so he gets a pass from the Boston fans in the library.]

Name something you dislike, but everyone else seems to love.
The Kardashians. [Eds. note - AGREED!]

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