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Best. Summer. Ever.

Our state has its own lexicon when it comes to wieners and there are definitely some rules you MUST learn to be a real Rhode Islander:

  1. Never, ever call a wiener a hot dog.
    A wiener may have hot dog similarities but according to at least one source, they are different. “There are distinct differences between hot dogs and hot wieners: hot dogs are typically very processed, with a hodge podge of different cuts of meat. Hot wieners on the other hand are made with beef, pork, veal, spices and one preservative.”
  2. All the way means something very specific in wiener terminology.
    It means your wiener has celery salt, mustard, chopped onions and wiener sauce.
  3. Did you say wiener sauce?
    Yes. It’s a very beefy chili without beans. (Here is one version)
  4. Reconsider the ketchup
    At the most famous RI wiener joint, “there's a sign on the wall that says, ‘It Has Been Said That When You Put Ketchup on A Hot Wiener, It Is a Sin ... Here It Is Against the Law!'”

According to Providence Monthly, “Hot wieners are firmly planted in Rhode Island’s culinary psyche.” To try this local favorite, visit Olneyville N.Y. System, which is only a short distance from our Providence campus!

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