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Railroad tracks

Hello again from the Legal Beagle!  

Did you know that Rhode Island has spectacular coastline? One truly unique way to see stunning views of Narragansett Bay is to go on a Rail Explorers tour!

The Legal Beagle hoped to do some paws on research, but because these tours are so popular, we had to dig from afar. Book ahead if you are interested!

So, what is a rail explorer? A rail explorer is a pedal powered vehicle built for two or four riders, and several can be linked together. (Tip: if you are looking for some solo nature time, a rail explorer for one is available.) The rail explorers travel on railroad tracks – and requires no steering – encouraging you to enjoy your journey. The railroad tracks are used for tours only and have scenic views only accessible from the tracks.

There are two routes available- Northern and Southern. The Northern Ramble is six miles along a historic railroad traveling from Portsmouth to the Sakonnet River. Depending on your tour, you will be shuttled one way and ride the other.  

The Southern Circuit is a three-mile pedal down Narragansett Bay with a stop at the Rail Explorer’s picnic area overlooking the central part of Narragansett Bay. You will have thirty minutes to relax in Adirondack chairs and enjoy your picnic (you bring the picnic) before pedaling the same route back. This route also offers a mimosa tour (mimosas and snacks included), a sunset tour, a lantern tour and a fireside tour. 

Explorers have space to bring a small cooler, a blanket and other items you might need for the tour. You can even bring your dog! (Tip: the dog seat is right above the rail, the Legal Beagle’s pupper would not like this ride!) The Norther Ramble and the regular Southern Circuit takes 1.5 hours and the other tours are two hours.

Finally, please note Rail Explorers is requiring masks in certain locations including restrooms and the shuttle (Northern Route only). Happy riding!

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