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Supporting Experiential Learning in the “New Normal”

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Is everyone getting tired of hearing about the “New Normal”? Probably! 

The good news for experiential learning support at RWU is that the new normal has not been all bad news. Much of the “new” is very much like the “old.” The law librarians have lots of experience providing students with remote support via chat, email, and the phone. The Law Clinic Series of guides is an established resource to help students.

Now we have a new tool for helping you – Zoom. We can meet with you and through the power of screen sharing, demonstrate how a particular resource works or how it might be useful to you in resolving a research question. You can also share your screen. You can let us see where you have a question or problem. It is “almost” like meeting together (without the worry or hassle of a commute). 

Our series of guides, designed to highlight resources specific to the needs of each clinical program, are still available and are revised and updated at least annually:

Whenever possible, the books and journals are linked to digital resources which provide anyone participating in the clinics access wherever they are physically located. In addition to the books, journals, and other digital resources related to each clinic’s focus, the guides include specialty databases, organization websites, legal and other blogs, Twitter feeds, and other items available to enhance your research or knowledge of the specific area of law. Some examples include: 

  • The Small Business Reference Center in the Law Clinic Series: Business Start-Up LawGuide -  provides access to full-text periodicals and books.
  • LexisNexis Courtroom Cast in the Law Clinic Series: Criminal Defense LawGuide – provides the opportunity to watch and listen to real courtroom video as they prepare for trial and learn from the expert commentary and analysis on how to present a case.
  • ailalink in the Law Clinic Series: Immigration LawGuide - provides searchable access to the forms, statutes, regulations, cases, the leading publication in the field – Kurzban’s Immigration Law Sourcebook, and more
  • The Court/Agency Resources section in the Law Clinic Series: Veterans Disability Appeals LawGuide - provides links to information on court forms, fees, rules and procedures, and more.

Check out these guides and if you have any questions, don’t forget to Ask a Librarian

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