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Tax Law Research for Beginners

Income tax book, papers, and calculator

One thing that divorce law, estate planning law, corporate law, and international law all have in common is taxes. Knowing how to start a tax law research project can be helpful in a number of law school classes and legal specialties. And surprise, it can almost be fun!

Here are some recommendations for those interested in starting to improve their tax law research skills:

  1. Thomson Reuters Checkpoint (available on our Digital Resources Page) is one tax-specific database to check out. For some basic information on how to begin to use this service, see this helpful webpage. For more assistance, online training can also be found on this website.
  2. Bloomberg BNA Tax Practice Center (available through our Digital Resources Page) is another database to check out. It provides a variety of resources for tax law practitioners. In particular, check out the Daily Tax Report in the “News & Journals” section to keep updated on tax current events.
  3. Lexis Advance Tax can be found by signing into Lexis Advance and then choosing Lexis Advance Tax from the black and while tiled icon on the upper left side of the platform. Once you are there, you can change the content by selecting the Practice Area menu. 

If you have any questions about tax law research, stop by the Reference Desk or email us at Don’t worry, researching taxes is way more fun than doing your taxes, we promise!

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