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Wellness Week @ RWU Law

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Next week, the law school will be celebrating Wellness Week. The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as “the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health”. The site goes on to set out and define six dimensions of wellness: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, and Environmental.

As an RWU Law student, you have access to a variety of resources that can help you address these six dimensions:

  • Physical: The RWU Recreation Center contains a two floor fitness center, offers fitness classes, a pool, and courts for a variety of recreational and intramural sports. The Upper and Lower Commons can also contribute your physical wellness by providing a variety of nutritious meals from locally sourced ingredients and healthy snacks.
  • Mental: In addition to learning in the classroom, RWU offers ample opportunities to expand your mind.  We frequently tell you about the Law Library resources. Did you know that the University Library is open to all RWU students?  It offers digital and print collections, including a popular fiction collection located near the elevators.
  • Emotional: The Counseling Center provides “an affirming, confidential, equitable, and safe environment encouraging self-exploration, reflection, and resiliency,” which can help nurture your emotional wellness.
  • Spiritual: The University supports your spiritual wellness through its spiritual life program that includes a resident multifaith chaplain and affiliate chaplains from various traditions.
  • Social: RWU Law is home to a large variety of student organizations that promote law related events and networking, often with a social component.  Join one or more of these organizations and get involved to build your legal career and social network. 
  • Environmental: RWU’s location by the East Bay offers wonderful opportunities to interact with our gorgeous natural habitat. The RWU Waterfront is home to the Bready Sailing Center and a variety of water sports to help you get in tune with The Bay.  A shell covered path near the water offers a lovely walk by the ocean with views of the East Bay and beyond.

The law library also offers resources to address a few dimensions of wellness.  Mental: Use our coloring book collection along with coloring supplies or read our popular magazines in the Kent Law Student Lounge; Social: Meet with friends and colleagues in the law student lounge to chat or eat lunch; Physical: Sit on the law student lounge comfy chairs and look at the Mount Hope Bridge mural or close your eyes for a few minutes; Environmental: Our stress management, mindfulness, and wellness LawGuide can help you find reflective spaces on campus; and Emotional: Resources on gratitude and happiness in our guide. 

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