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Exam Time Stress & Wellness

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Final exams are upon us again at RWU Law. It can be an extremely challenging time for law students. The Law Library has several suggestions that can help you reduce your stress levels; we also offer a variety of resources to help you prepare for your finals.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

  1. Watch Cute Baby Animals. 
    The library will be showing live streams of cute baby animals in our main computer classroom during reading days and finals. We hope to give you a few moments of joy during your study breaks, by featuring various animals.  We even featured jellyfish, which are not cuddly but are hypnotic to watch. Please stop by the main computer classroom, you will oohh and ahh over our furry and not so furry friends. Studying off campus? Search for your favorite animal(s) and “live stream” to find a site that brings you joy.
  2. Review the Stress Management, Mindfulness and Wellness guide.
    Check out the library’s Stress Management, Mindfulness and Wellness guide. You will find lists of books and links to general resources for wellness. You will also find links to the RWU Fitness Center, where you can take a break and destress through exercise. If you need someone to talk to during exam times, or any other times, please contact the RWU Counseling Center. The Dean of Students Office at RWU Law is also available to provide resources and guidance for a wide variety of students needs and concerns.
  3. Listen to your body. 
    Being focused on your studies may lead to not fulfilling your basic needs. Use the HALT method to address your needs. HALT stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired. These four states can affect your mood and behavior, affecting your work negatively. 
    1. Are you Hungry - Make sure to eat while you are studying hard. Try to choose healthy foods that will improve your mood and give you energy.
    2. Stay hydrated. Symptoms of dehydration include headache, muscle cramps, sleepiness, lack of energy, and irritability. To help you stay focused, make sure to drink enough fluids and try to minimize caffeine intake.
    3. Are you Angry or Lonely? Try to identify why you are feeling this emotion so you can address it. Asking for help is difficult, but remember your family, friends, and the RWU Law community all want you to succeed. You may need to take a break or talk things through with a friend, family member, or someone else. The Counseling Center on campus is available on weekdays from 8:30am to 5:00pm and offers remote services available when the center is closed. Visit their web page to find out more information.
    4. Are you Tired? You may be physically, mentally, and/or emotionally tired. Take a break; close your eyes and take a deep breath; go for a quick walk; grab a bite to eat; head to bed early and wake up ready to go.

Help to Prepare for Finals

  1. Visit the Study Aids Guides.
    The Law Library’s staff has prepared study aids guides to the major study aids in the library’s collection to supplement your outlines and class materials. These guides are organized by class subject, including guides for all 1L classes and many 2L and 3L classes. In these guides, you will find links to the Law Library’s popular print and eBook study aids; audio and visual resources (such as the Sum & Substance Audio series & LexisNexis Courtroom Cast); and online, print, and eBook resources you can use to test yourself on concepts from class.
  2. Book a Study Room.
    You can book a study room for individual or group study sessions. Please read the full policy to ensure that you are familiar with its terms. We will be actively canceling reservations that do not follow this policy and repeated failures to comply with the policy will result in the loss of reservation privileges through the end of the semester.
  3. Refer to Academic Excellence Resources.
    Don’t forget to look at the resources available through the Academic Excellence Program, from Writing Center information to time management suggestions, as well as learning from previous exams. The Academic Excellence Program offers tips and tricks for studying and writing as well as tutorials, handouts, and contact information.

While studying in the library, please remember that sound travels across the library.  Please be courteous to your fellow students by keeping the noise down.  Some students enjoy background noise as they study, while others do not.

Remember the Law Librarians are here to answer your questions or to help point you in the right direction just Ask a Librarian.

Good luck with your finals!

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