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The weekly library blog contains news, research resources, and information about library events. To view archived copies of library newsletters and blogs from 1996 to present, visit Docs@RWU.

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    Gender & Sexuality Law Book Display

    This month the library is highlighting books on gender and sexuality law with a new book display! The last two decades have seen drastic increases in discussion and research on the topics of gender

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    BNA Health Law Resource Center

    Interested in learning more about health law? Want to keep up with the latest developments on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other health-related legislation? Through the Law Library, you can

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    Focus on Library Resources: Corporate Counsel Profiler

    Research is not only important to your Legal Practice assignments but it is also important for your job search! One research tool available to you through the library is the Corporate Counsel Profiler

  • President's Day

    Presidential Research and Trivia

    This upcoming Monday, February 19th is President’s Day! And what’s the best way to spend this holiday? By doing presidential themed trivia, of course! Here are a few questions to get you started: Who

  • Business research

    Highlighting Business Research Resources

    As members of the Roger Williams University community, the students at the law school have access to a trove of business research resources. RWU is home to the Mario J. Gabelli School of Business

  • Thurgood Marshall quote

    Thurgood Marshall Display in the Library

    When Thurgood Marshall was a kid and acted up in class, his teacher punished him by banishing him from class and forcing him to read the Constitution. (Wow. That backfired!) Thurgood Marshall grew up

  • Dive in to Law Study Aids!

    Dive in to Study Aids!

    Study aids can be a wonderful resource to help you understand the concepts taught in class and apply them to practice questions. Using study aids throughout the semester, and not just in the weeks before an exam, can be especially helpful.

  • Champions for Justice 2018

    Champions for Justice 2018

    One of the best annual traditions here at RWU Law is Champions for Justice and the Public Interest Law Auction.

  • ruth bader ginsbur

    Visit from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    On Tuesday, January 30 th U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be visiting the RWU School of Law for a “fireside chat” with 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Senior Judge Bruce M. Selya.